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    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.


    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan. Empty Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.

    Post  Guest on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:14 pm

    So Dalek may have told alot of people already that he tried to kick me out of the clan for whatever reason he made up. We were having a conversation about him kicking people off the TAG powerStruggle server because they wanted a scrim and i was suggesting the TIA server so we do not upset the community then he started coming out with remarks like "i dont care about the community". So that you do not hear just my side of the story i will post the chat here so that it is fair.

    [6:28:58 PM] Jake: [6:18:40 PM] Jake: well we are gonna have to sort out a server for scrimming on cause we cant do it on the PS
    [6:19:12 PM] Joel Preston: its normally empty though
    [6:19:19 PM] Joel Preston: the server is there for us to play on
    [6:19:47 PM] Jake: and my home server can hold like 12 but i get raged at for slowing down the net and it usually lags out because ppl are constantly uploading photos to myspace or somethin but yeh i could host the scrim server wen me nets bak
    [6:20:04 PM] Jake: no, its there for the community so they dont have to put up with ftw
    [6:20:11 PM] Jake: that was the original reason it started up
    [6:20:31 PM] Joel Preston: well im sure the rest of clan would like to use it for scrims
    [6:20:51 PM] Jake: yeh but that ruins the player base and makes ppl hate the server
    [6:21:15 PM] Joel Preston: people dont care, they hop on and play whatever
    [6:21:29 PM] Jake: YES BUT U DONETWRH#@%$#@*&$% U#@$%U#@*$% U$#@%U $#@%R$#@HR UJHFUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
    [6:21:57 PM] Jake: but its STUIP{IOSDESQWD!!!!!!!!!
    [6:22:24 PM] Joel Preston: who cares about the community we arent paying for them
    [6:23:07 PM] Jake: seeing as though we scrim heaps we should get 2 servers with the new company prob cost us like $40-$50 a month so we can have a ps server up all the time. I CARE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY leonard shouldnt have made u leader
    [6:23:37 PM] Joel Preston: Well i care about the clan which is more important?
    [6:24:39 PM] Jake: the australian crysis community needs good stable servers to keep it alive, it is increasing a bit now and if theres no community then having the clan is stupid cause there will be noone to play with, i should friggin tell everyone wat ur saying so they can yell at you but i wont
    [6:25:10 PM] Joel Preston: lol everyone will agree with me
    [6:26:35 PM] Jake: i dont care im changing the tia server so that it is a TIA server wen we arent scrimming and wen we are its our scrim server and other people can use it to scrim aswell because we need to support the community u FTW wannabe
    [6:26:49 PM] Joel Preston: lol
    [6:26:59 PM] Jake: yeh u friggin write lol u wanker

    I know i overreacted with the name calling and stuff but thats as far as i went after this he started on his mission to take my admin off me on the server and on the forums.

    I cought on what he was trying to do when i read this message on skype

    [6:37:06 PM] Jake: [6:28:30 PM] Joel Preston: you have proven your incapable too many times now
    [6:29:10 PM] Jake: no you have proven that u are ruining things

    Then he persisted to taunt me about it

    [6:47:53 PM] Jake: [6:47:07 PM] Jake: YOU CANT DO THAT
    [6:47:22 PM] Joel Preston: i can do whatever i want
    [6:47:43 PM] Joel Preston: [TAG]Dalek: nah i kicked jake
    [TAG]XG1234: LOL
    [TAG]XG1234: nice
    [TAG]XG1234: Can crouchy and I be second in charge
    [TAG]XG1234: LOL

    [6:49:06 PM] Jake: DONE*
    [6:49:15 PM] Joel Preston: ok cool go ahead
    [6:49:25 PM] Joel Preston: except you lost the respect of everyone already
    [6:49:42 PM] Jake: so i dont know if they will care

    I assure you that i have not changed or edited this in any way, i was sending the conversation to Stacey as it was happening and she knows exactly what was being said and she agreed with me that Dalek is doing wrong by everyone and that he doesn't have the authority to do this.

    I believe Daleks actions against me, the clan and the crysis community as a whole warrants a ban from the forums.

    I have issued this explanation to him and am posting it here so that everyone can see.

    no way dont just say lol, wat u r doing is wrong and if i got banned for doing something as simple as writing spam on the forums u should be for trying to disable admin and arguing that im incapable when you are the one who doesnt care about the crysis community, ppl will probably rage cause they wont hear my side of the story and u will winge but you are going about things the wrong way and are being immature i only want what is best for the clan and i do not want them having a leader like you who is ruthless and trys to take peoples admin away and i bet u were scheming to kick me out of the clan, no i know u were by what you said about me being incomitenet. Anyway even though people will rage i think i have the authority and the right, not to kick you out or remove your admin like ur trying to do , but to demote you of your leadership as you are being i dont know the word for it but you are being evil towards me and the crysis community and TAG is not like that, we are not mean and dont kick people or anything for no reason. Sorry Dalek

    Im sorry for the extremely large post but i want all of the information here so that people know exactly what happened. I said the other day when Dalek first got promoted that something like this would happen and my prediction came true, i knew Dalek had a grudge against me and any of you other people that have a grudge against me please do not take Dalek's side just because you hate me because here you can clearly see what has happened and i want to make sure Dalek gets a fair punishment for his actions. When i got angry at the clan they persisted to get me banned from all crysis wars servers and not allow me to join other clans, i am not like this i do not wish to be ruthless but i also do not wish to be overthrown by a ruthless leader i hope everyone understands my reasons for this and unlike when i got kicked out before i am posting this publicly for everyone to see and not conceiling it in admin sections.

    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan. Empty Re: Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.

    Post  Guest on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:20 pm

    Also i mean no offence to FTW its just sort of like a TAG insult we have and u insult people for being too strict "like FTW" But i respect you guys and i know how much you support the community it just sort of blurted out in my anger towards Dalek.

    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan. Empty Re: Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.

    Post  Guest on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:26 pm

    The ragig of the Dalek has continued and i will keep you updated here, i forgot to mention in the above post that he had infact succeded to ban me on the forums and strip all of my admin privelages but i have friends within the clan that soon helped me out in regaining my admin. Anyway here is the newest skype conversation:

    [7:22:55 PM] Joel Preston: GOD YOUR A LOSER
    [7:22:57 PM] Joel Preston: incomitenet
    [7:23:09 PM] Jake: yeh well
    [7:23:17 PM] Joel Preston: YOU SPELT INCOMPETENT WRONG
    [7:23:24 PM] Joel Preston: WHO SPELLS THAT WRONG
    [7:23:42 PM] Jake: yes well it was a rush to get it out there befor u told everyone lies and tryed to ban me again
    [7:24:00 PM] Jake: you cannot be trusted in the clan and you have definately shown this
    [7:24:00 PM] Joel Preston: lol like i said the only person on your side is stacey
    [7:24:17 PM] Joel Preston: your a moody little teenager, how people like them
    [7:26:22 PM] Jake: i think you are the one being moody
    [7:26:41 PM] Joel Preston: do you know what that means or are spelling another word wrong?
    [7:29:20 PM] Jake: oh no i know what that means and i do not think i am moody, actually if you ask one of my friends i only seem to have one mood and that is HAPPY and i always do my best to help people and cheer them up Smile it takes alot to get me angry and if you get me to the point where my anger kicks in which is a very far point, there is alot of anger bottled there and i tend to concentrate all of it on what has made me that angry, but other than that mostly my mood is happy, you on the other hand seem to rage and be angry most of the time. so i could call you moody because one moment you are happy and the next BOOM! RAGE!

    That left him quite speechless...

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    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan. Empty Re: Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.

    Post  Zek99 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:44 pm

    No, he is having net trouble, I am trying to get his view on this matter

    Posts : 39
    Join date : 2009-06-02
    Age : 26
    Location : Bendigo

    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan. Empty Re: Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.

    Post  Zek99 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:31 pm

    My take on the matter:

    Jake and Dalek were discussing kicking people from the server for a scrim, it turned into a really hard debate, Dalek, fearing that Jake was going to take power again and ruin the servers, he quickly decided to remove all of Jakes power, after Jake's power was removed, Jake used Leverage's Admin account to give himself admin and removed Dalek's because "He went crazy and tried to take over the clan".

    Dalek's Statement :

    Jake had proved he was an irresponsible leader through wrecking the clans servers after Leonard had banned him for a week from forum spam. I did not agree with Jakes re-acceptance into the clan. After he raged at my appointment to leader (of which i knew nothing) and the poor logic of his arguement with me on skype about server usage, he proceed to rage that i should never have been made leader which to me was the last straw. A person with that much arrogance should not be able to run a clan, especially without leonard to even the power balance

    Jake's Statment :

    Because he removed mine and was trying to kick me out of the clan for a simple matter that could have been resolved easily. i think thats about it

    My Opinion :

    Both admins have over-reacted which ended with Dalek's loss of power, what should have happened is that Dalek should have made a post in the "Panel" which has been made to fix these problems. But I believe that Dalek was not aware of the panels new use because he was not part of the conversation with Jake, Stacey, Leonard, Madman and I.

    EDIT: Also, Dalek was aggravated by Jake's response and accusations about Daleks coming to power when Leonard left the clan.

    If any of this is wrong, please tell me and I will correct it.

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    Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan. Empty Re: Dalek went crazy and tried to take over the clan.

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